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Youth Culture Center


Youth Culture Center



Dreams and hopes of our youths will blossom beautifully here at ARPINA.

Arpina Cultural Center

청소년 문화센터 소개

It is a cultural center exclusively provided to youths. It is dedicated to cultivation of sound culture, advancement of welfare, physical and mental training, social education, and social physical exercises. We provide cultural spaces where youths can develop their talent and abilities and enjoy group activities. ARPINA's Cultural Center supports the rights of youths as well as human rights of all people and aims to become a base for them to grow into best youths in the 21st century. We hope that our respect for their own wide world will help them to enjoy active and inspiring life.

청소년 문화센터 소개
청소년 문화센터 소개
청소년 문화센터 소개
청소년 문화센터 소개
청소년 문화센터 소개


Objectives of the center

  • Advancement of a sense of community to live in harmony
  • Development of mind and body as well as socialization through field activities
  • Creation of an atmosphere to become one through harmonization
  • Indirect experiences of a small society through group activities
  • Establishment of sound identity
  • Development of personality harmonizing body and soul
  • Solution to diverse cultural needs

Major activities

youth programs
Sports experiences for youths (golf, inline skating, climbing, and domino games)
Training (school grades, executives, and youth associations)
Educational activities in association with schools (schoolbag-free days-development activities)
Facilities for physical exercises (basketball court, playgrounds, artificial climbing facilities, etc.)
School excursions and thematic trips
Awards for international youth achievements
Nationally certified programs (leadership, golf, robot, bicycles, and climbing)
Cultural programs (leadership, economics, magic, robots, etc.)
Field activities (natural ecology, history, and culture)
Youth groups (the Youth Operation Committee)
Shelters for youths (PC, table tennis, and group activities rooms)
Voluntary activities of youths